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I.J. Miggs, better known as Multiple Miggs, was a patient at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He occupied the cell next to Dr Hannibal Lecter. G


When Special Agent in training Clarice Starling went to interview Lecter, she passed Miggs, who hissed "I can smell your cunt!" When Starling was leaving, Miggs was moaning in apparant agony, claiming that he had bitten his wrists. He then threw a handful of semen at Starling. Lecter, outraged at this "discourtesy" offered to help Starling with the Buffalo Bill case. Later that evening, Lecter was heard talking to Miggs. Next morning, Miggs was found dead, having swallowed his tongue. It is believed Lecter had suggested this, to punish Miggs for his behaviour. Lecter had his drawings and toilet seat removed as punishment.